Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Director: Jorma Taccone.
Cast: Will Forte, Kristen Wiig, Ryan Phillipe, Val Kilmer.

Celery up butt cracks, mullets, cheesy 80's music and a villain by the name Dieter Von Cunth? Art, complete #$%^ or something in between? Let's take a look, shall we?

MacGruber (played by actor Will Forte) first appeared in SNL as a 3 minute skit and is a parody of the 80's TV hit show character "Mcgyver". The original Mcgyver was a secret agent that could get himself out of any situation, diffuse killer bombs and save the world by concocting solutions made out of regular household or easy to acquire items. Apparently, any threat could be averted by a cleverly created mish-mash of duct tape, kerosene, paper clips and soap (I'm both kidding and not at the same time). The show was quite popular back in its day and ran for 7 seasons, eventually ending in 1992. MacGruber makes fun of that character's antics and kicks it up 10 notches with crude humor, vulgar jokes and deviant behavior characteristic of this generation's brand of comedy movies.

The question on many of our readers mind's right now probably is: "How did they turn a 3 minute skit into a 90 minute movie"? The answer: By taking the safe route and using the generic story template of a retired secret agent forced back into action due to news that his arch-nemesis (Val Kilmer in a funny turn as the malevolent Dieter Von Cunth) is planning to nuke Washington D.C. Oh yeah, Von Cunth was also responsible for ending the life of one of MacGruber's loved ones. Thus begins our adventure and I was quite surprised as to how well executed the film is. I laughed. A lot.

The movie's appeal lies in its sometimes hilarious story elements and character interactions. Ryan Phillipe plays the part of MacGruber's partner and their back and forth banter's believable, funny and irreverent. Kristen Wiig, MacGruber's female spy counterpart, chews every scene she's in and carries on her shoulders what is probably the best scene in the movie. Her facial expressions say it all and she makes me laugh just by looking at her. Powers Boothe (from the show "24") is perfectly cast as James Faith and plays the part of the US Colonel that brings MacGruber out of retirement in a competent manner. As generic as the plot of the movie may sound, it works. The required story elements are there, the plot twists work and the uncouth gags are plenty. I chuckled through most of the movie and even laughed out loud several times. I had a very good time.

In spite of all of that, I can't recommend you pay the $10.25 required to watch this movie. Had it not been for the fact that I had a free ticket, I would have been a bit upset at having forked the cash for it.

I think the movie works, but as a rental.

MacGruber will gather steam and become more popular after its run in the theaters. In about 4 months, round up a bunch of your buddies together when it comes out on DVD, grab some beers and get ready to have a wonderful time. There may even be moments of uncontrollable guffaws and disbelief at the insanity your virgin eyes will be privy to. Just wait 'til you see the cemetery scene. It will warp your fragile little mind.

Is the movie a bit to much? Maybe. I'll let you be the judge of that. The only thing I'll promise you is a good time. My recommendation is you have it at home and let "Survival of the Fittest" do its thing at the Cineplexes.

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  1. Glad to hear this one is worth a look. I see it comes out September 7, so I'll pick up the DVD.