Monday, May 2, 2011


review by Gina Muscato

Starring Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin, John Krasinski

Directed by Luke Greenfield

How do you choose between the love of your life and your best friend since childhood?

In the movie, Something Borrowed, unhappily single Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) is faced with this dilemma after she drinks too much at her 30th birthday party and winds up in bed with Dex (Colin Egglesfield), her crush from law school who just happens to be engaged to her BFF Darcy (Kate Hudson).

Although Rachel feels guilty and initially commits to putting the one-night affair behind her, she discovers that she has genuine feelings for Dex. In fact, he just could be the love of her life. As Darcy’s wedding nears, Rachel is caught between loyalties to her best friend and to her heart. A consummate good girl and generous friend, Rachel has always allowed Darcy to “win” … but should she let her win Dex too?

Meanwhile, Ethan (John Krasinski), Rachel's constant confidante, is busy evading the advances of Darcy's love-struck friend Claire (Ashley Williams), particularly during the group’s weekend escape to the Hamptons. The trips also provide chances for the charming Marcus (Steve Howey) to lust after Rachel -- as well as any and every other women he fancies.

The movie is based on the chick lit novel, of the same title, by author Emily Giffin. Without the benefit of having read the book, I don’t know if there are glaring differences between the two, though there usually are one or two. Whether the differences are beneficial or detrimental to the movie, you’ll have to be the judge.

Either way, this story is supposed to make audiences think about right and wrong, and how the lines between the two can be blurry. But during the course of the movie, we find out that Darcy herself has made some serious mistakes in her own relationship with Dex. Therefore, the lines aren’t as blurry as you might think – or as intended.

The movie’s main flaw is that it’s too long. I found myself irritated that Rachel, and even Dex for that matter, lacked the chutzpa to make a decision about the relationship. It seemed as if a resolution would never come. Finally it did, but not before making the audience restless and the film too long. 

Goodwin is very well cast in the role of the hard-working Rachel, who is often in the shadow of flashy, sometimes selfish Darcy. The usually-solid Hudson played Darcy well enough, though her performance was mired by having to portray such a plastic character. Darcy was always drunk and completely self-absorbed – so much so that you really wonder why Dex hadn’t left her long ago.
Krasinski is perfectly cast as Ethan, who provides some much-needed comic relief, particular during one of the movie’s funniest scenes, in which the characters play badminton on the beach and reveal secrets with every point scored. Williams also provides some comedy as Claire, though her over-the-top personality was almost too much, nearly making her more annoying than funny.

Bottom line: Wait for this movie on Netflix or Movies on Demand. It’s not worth the $10 to see it (thankfully, I had free screening passes). And under no circumstance should boyfriends or husbands be forced to watch it with you. This one is for girls’ night only.

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  1. Christie FrechetteMay 9, 2011 at 11:41 AM

    This movie looks cute. Probably more a movie I'd rent more than anything. There's a new interview with one of the stars-Ginnifer Goodwin- on