Monday, September 27, 2010


by DashV

Parents rejoice! A film that celebrates you!

I know, I know. Jay didn't like this movie. He didn't like the camera it was shot with. He didn't like the gags, he didn't like the story. Mark didn't like it either. Didn't find it funny. Didn't like the camera choice.

Well I have just two words.

Eff Them.

Maybe it's because Jay and Mark had me ready to be dissappointed by this film before I dropped it into my Netflix queue. Maybe it's because I watched it on Blu-Ray on my 42 inch TV. Maybe it's because I've been married and lived through alot of the stereotypical mundane marraige cruft this movie relies on for it's humour for 10 years, but I found Steve Carell and Tina Fey to be hillarious throughout the film.

I found myself easily able to latch on to the husband and wife still in love but very much stuck in the work->kids->sleep day to day grind.

Picture quality wise it's one of the best looking Blu-Rays I've seen. The color, contrast, and framing seemed spot on throughout. I didn't see any problems with the night scenes that they mentioned in their reviews. Perhaps the issues they witnessed were specific to the theater they watched it in.

The action was decent enough for an action comedy and included a car chase unlike any I'd ever before seen.

For me my only complaint was toward the end one scene in particular which takes place in a strip joint seemed drag on while simultaneously being not at all funny. I still found myself laughing because I was embarrased for the filmmakers that (that one particular scene) came out as bad as it did.

But that one slow scene does not a bad movie make!

If you are married with children and looking for a good movie to watch while curled up with your significant other on the couch. Definately drop this into your queue! Just make sure the young-ins are in bed as the afore mentioned strip club scene may be too much for them.

I give it a 7.5 out of 10.

You can view the trailer here:

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