Saturday, February 20, 2010


Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, James Cameron has announced that his little film called Avatar will be making an appearance on DVD and Blu-ray on April 22nd. He also mentions a 3D Blu-ray release sometime in November, however the same article is updated with a statement from Fox indicating that the 3D home-video release will not be ready by November.

I'm anxious to see how Avatar does when it arrives to the home-video market. While I don't doubt it will again set a record or two I have a feeling that, by this time next year, you'll see quite a few DVD and Blu-ray copies of the movie in the "used" bin at F.Y.E. and Wal-Mart. I'm one of the handful of people who think the movie is just good and not convinced it's anything other than empty spectacle. Really, really, really well done spectacle, but empty nonetheless. Will people still buy the story when they're not able to have the world of Pandora envelop them on a gigantic 3D screen? Or will the thread-bare and heavy-handed plot be more evident on a home-viewing. We'll know soon enough.

Check out the article here for some more info about Avatar and what Cameron has in store for the sequel. As indifferent as I am to the movie, I really kinda have an urge to check it out and see how it holds up on the small screen.

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